Legal & Disclaimer

Due to legal legislation and the difficulty we have trying to sell a live probiotic cultures, we have to state that all our products are not for human consumption. This is the only way we are able to sell our products online.

The probiotics we sell are mother cultures. You consume the fermented medium the culture has been put into. Legally we also have state that you do not drink the fermented medium either.

Due to further laws and regulations, we don’t make any claims to health benefits using our products. We do not list any on our website.

Our products have been kept and packed to the highest standards of hygiene and every effort has been made to ensure no nuts or seafood has ever been near these cultures. Unfortunately, legally we would like to state that once you receive your items, You should wash the culture and make 1 or 2 batches and throw these batches out. The culture will now have regenerated and therefore anything you do with the resultant cultures has no bearing on Buy Probitoics or anything we may sell.

We sometimes use egg shells to increase the mineral content of the water used during the making of Ginger Beer / Water Kefir. This helps speed up the growth of our cultures. We try our best to remove all traces of egg shell when packaging your order. Unfortunately however, we can’t always guarantee it will be completely removed.

By making a purchase you are agreeing at point of sale to our disclaimer.