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Where to buy jun tea scoby

Looking where to buy Jun Tea Scoby? Look no further! Jun Tea is an effervescent fermented health drink, made with green tea and honey. It comes from the Jun Tea Scoby, a cousin to the Kombucha Scoby. Jun Tea is arguably a more subtle flavored Kombucha. Usually, people who brew both Jun Tea and Kombucha say they prefer the flavour of Jun Tea to Kombucha. It’s referred to as the “champagne of kombuchas.” Now that’s saying something! You can find full instructions on getting started with your Jun Tea Scoby here

A single purchase of our Jun Tea Scoby starter culture can provide you with a lifetimes supply of Jun Tea

Jun Tea is thought to have derived from the East, where it is said to have been brewed in monasteries and consumed by monks and warriors for its health benefits to promote a state of well being and as an aid for a clear mind. That’s the myth, but the truth is we don’t really know for sure.

However, Jun Tea is still brewed in Western Tibet and is well known there. As such, Jun probably did, in fact, originate from Tibet, passed down from generations by monks and locals — so there is some truth to the myths.

It could be in the fact that Jun Tea is the ‘original’ Kombucha, given that sugar was hard to come by long ago on the Tibetan plain. Perhaps the Jun Scoby was taken out of Tibet and was brewed with sugar, adapting to the regular sugar brew and becoming the Kombucha Scoby.

Does the Jun Tea Scoby look different to a Kombucha Scoby?

The Jun Tea Scoby is much paler, looking almost white. You can think of it as the albino of the family. It tends to ferment a little faster than Kombucha. This is considered to be due to the honey being broken down much faster than sugar by the bacteria present in the Jun Tea Scoby. Jun Tea itself is much lighter in colour than Kombucha, which is often quite dark.

The alcohol content in Jun Tea is much higher than Kombucha!

Jun tea can contain up to 3% alcohol. We recommend it be drunk only by adults and if you’re sensitive to alcohol or need to abstain from it altogether, then we don’t recommend drinking it at all.

Why drink Jun Tea?

Jun Tea is easily digested and provides beneficial bacteria and yeasts. It’s easy and safe to make at home. A single purchase of Jun Tea Scoby from us here at Buy Probiotics can provide you with an indefinite supply of Jun Tea.

You find many health claims online about drinking Jun Tea. Some with, and many without scientific backing. We don’t want to make any health claims for drinking Jun Tea here at Buy Probiotics. If you have found our shop, then you have probably already done some research and decided to try drinking Jun Tea yourself.  All we can tell you is that everyone here has been drinking Jun Tea for some time now, and we all feel much better for it! Looking where to buy Jun Tea Scoby? Look no further!

Authentic Jun Tea Scoby starter cultures are quite rare. They grow at a much slower speed than Kombucha and due to the faster fermentation time and the additional cost of raw honey, the cost of producing Jun Tea it’s much greater than producing Kombucha.

We try our best to keep as many Jun Tea Scoby in stock as we can, but demand is often high, and of all our products we struggle the most to keep this culture available. If you would like to purchase from us and see that we are currently out of stock, please feel free to contact us regarding availability.

Always be sure that you are buying authentic Jun Tea Scoby. Many sellers on other sites offer cheap Jun Tea Scoby which are just regular Kombucha ones. Kombucha will ferment green tea and honey for a short amount of time, producing a fake jun tea. This is bad for the long term of health of a Kombucha Scoby and will quickly lead to a problem with mould, and eventually, the Kombucha Scoby will die. For people unsure what Jun Tea should taste like, this sadly is a common scam.

The exact size of each Jun Tea Scoby can vary. We always ensure healthy, newly formed Jun Tea Scoby’s are delivered. We aim for a minimum 10cm width and 1cm thick scoby to be sent on each order, but often then are larger than this. As Jun Tea Scoby growing is not an exact science, we can’t guarantee they will all grow to the exact same size. Each order is shipped with approximately 100ml of starter tea.  Looking where to buy Jun Tea Scoby? Look no further! where to buy jun tea scoby.

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    having fun watching my jun scoby kay in harlow

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    Was delivered very well . Great delivery service. I have followed the online instructions and am lookng forward to see how my Jun kombucha turns out . So far all looks well .

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    Very satisfied with my Jun scoby and the customer service. Definitely a trustful company.

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