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Looking where to buy Ginger Beer Plant? Authentic Ginger Beer Plant (GBP) is very RARE. We are the ONLY UK Supplier of wet (not dried), fully active Ginger Beer Plant (GBP) on the internet. We take great care to ensure our culture is never contaminated by other cultures and remains true Ginger Beer Plant. Due to this, and the fact it can grow quite slowly, we often run out of stock on this product and sometimes it can remain out of stock for some time. Please contact us if you require an estimate of when this product will be back in stock

A single purchase of our Ginger Beer Plant can provide you with a lifetime supply of Ginger Beer

Authentic Ginger Beer Plant dates back to around the 1700’s and is not a plant at all. Instead, it is a living probiotic culture. This culture forms a gelatinous cluster which moves about within its jar naturally, and used correctly can allow you to make a lifetime’s supply of authentic, naturally fizzy alcoholic Ginger Beer that used to be commonplace in most UK households. Our culture came home with us from Germany almost a decade ago, and we have been helping UK households brew alcoholic Ginger Beer ever since. Why not buy Ginger Beer Plant UK and get making real Ginger Beer at home today.

The Ginger Beer Plant is made up of two organisms, the yeast Saccharomyces florentinus (Saccharomyces pyriformis) and the bacterium Lactobacillus hilgardii (Brevibacterium vermiforme). Ginger Beer Plant at first looks very similar to Water Kefir. However, it produces much more alcohol and carbon dioxide than Water Kefir can, resulting in a much more “beer-like” beverage. At first, it can be difficult to spot the difference between Ginger Beer Plant and Water Kefir cultures. Ginger Beer Plant grains never quite get as big as Water Kefir grains and have a slightly more opaque look to them. The grains look more like a sandy sludge. The culture also grows much slower than Water Kefir does. Sadly you still find many people selling Water Kefir as Ginger Beer Plant online. Here at BuyProbiotics were happy to sell authentic Ginger Beer Plant to our customers.

Ginger Beer Plant is more of a treat for us rather than something we consume daily. You can expect a batch to range from 2% – 5% alcohol content with some residual sugars left over too. We recommend it be drunk only by adults and if you’re sensitive to alcohol or need to abstain from it altogether, then we don’t recommend drinking it at all. Although it still contains some probiotic bacteria that are great for overall health, you don’t need another lecture on drinking alcohol responsibly. So please be mindful of it. However, if you love Ginger Beer and want to try your hand at making your alcoholic version easily at home, we think your love our Ginger Beer Plant culture as much as we do.

Where to buy ginger beer plant. Each order contains 10g of Ginger Beer Plant as a starter culture. A single purchase of Ginger Beer Plant can provide you with a lifetime supply of Ginger Beer. You can find full instructions on how to get started with your purchase and additional information on our page here.

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