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Did you know that the bacteria in your body outnumber your body's cells 10 to 1? It's true, and most of them reside in your gut. But there really is no need to panic, most bacteria are quite harmless. Having the right bacteria in there has even been linked to numerous health benefits.

Buy kefir grains, ginger beer plant and kombucha starters from us

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Black Witches Brew Kombucha
Category: Kombuca
January 19, 2018
by BuyProbiotics

Black Witches Brew Kombucha Recipe

The Black Witches Brew Kombucha Recipe originates in the USA, where key ingredients such as Sarsaparilla Root and Liquorice Root have been used in fermentation for years. It's worth noting...
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Strawberry Jun Tea
Category: Jun Tea
December 24, 2017
by BuyProbiotics

Strawberry Jun Tea

Jun tea tastes great, but really comes into a world of its own with a second ferment. You can use all kinds of fruit for this process, but our personal favourite has to be using fresh...
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second fermentation of milk kefir
Category: Milk Kefir
October 17, 2017
by BuyProbiotics

Second Fermentation of Milk Kefir

Often people want the health benefits of drinking milk kefir but find they just can't stomach the sour taste. You can however improve the overall taste by carrying out a second fermentation of...
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